RSSDecember 19, 2014

Multi-Use Personified: The Weather Station Key Ring

If you’re an avid outdoors person, knowing what the weather is like and will be like later can be quite vital and important. This gadget,  The Weather Station Key Ring does just that, giving you access to the weather forecast wherever you are in easy to carry, convenient form. We have found other useful key [...]

Getting In On The Action: The Asus DR-950 E-Reader

It seems a lot of companies see gold in the e-reader market right now, with the success of the Amazon’s Kindle. We happen to think these may be replaced by more advanced devices in the near future and they’re a tad bit overpriced, but we digress. We’e covered these e-book readers before, if you’ll recall. [...]

SSD In A Whole New Light: The PhotoFast G-Monster2 SFV1

SSD technology has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of speed, availability and price of late, and this is a perfect example of that concept. Remember in 2008 when we reported on these SSD drives? We’ve come a long way, baby, as the old saying goes. PhotoFast has announced a slick and (according to [...]

Putt It Away: The Electronic Putting Trainer

Golf is one of those polarizing games; some people can’t stand it, some live it almost as a religion. It’s difficult to learn to putt effectively, even with books, mags and DVDs helping you. Nothing substitutes for the real thing.  Well, feel free to practice to your hearts content with the Electronic Putting Trainer, a [...]

Sit and Step: The Circulation Improving Seated Stepper

Let’s face it: office jobs just aren’t good for you. You stay seated for many hours at a time, and move around very little. Now there’s a cool new gadget to get your blood pumping even from sitting around: the Circulation Improving Seated Stepper. We like this one a lot, read here for more details: [...]

Showtime, Portable Style: The Philips 9″ Portable TV

Portable TV seems like very latest trend you see on many shopping channels and companies are jumping on the bandwagon, just as we sometimes think there’s too many gadgets and conveniences for peoples’ own good nowadays.  Does someone need a 9″ TV to take with them everywhere? Philips thinks so, and is offering a nice [...]

Nano Tunes: The iPod Headphones

We’ve covered the old-school iPod accessory angle already, now we’re going pretty new school with these iPod Nano headphones with built-in Nano plug included in the gadget itself for a very slick package indeed, and they’re titled (aptly enough): The iPod Headphones. It supports 2nd and 3rd generation Nanos directly with a wireless connection, but [...]

Hands Free Clean Hands: The Sensor Soap Pump

Before you warm up your hands using this device, take a look at this one. You know the picture:  Just finished in the restroom, hands might be not very clean, to put it mildly, and you have to use them to pump out hand soap to wash them with. Kinda nasty….well, now that problem is [...]

Back to The Future: The Briefcase USB Turntable

Everyone knows the “career musician” type…the one that carries a guitar everywhere they go, that believes in “old school” values music wise, but still wants to stay up with the times. Those people may find a very distinct use for this gadget, the Briefcase USB Turntable, the record player hidden in a briefcase. We’ve done [...]

See The Light: The Solar-Powered Torch

Brando is one of those companies you appreciate, having followed small gadget companies for awhile writing this blog. They always come up with cool gadgets for reasonable prices, and they always recharge using solar or USB power, so Mother Nature appreciates this company just as much, we’re sure. This is one example of a great [...]